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Come and meet the team at the ePay Summit to learn more about how Andaria can support your business' payments needs.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect on the day:

Keynote opening speech by our CEO Nirav Patel exploring B2B Payments and the opportunity for embedded finance.

Product demos by the Andaria Commercial Team on stand 18-21.

11AM panel on Reshaping B2B Payments and cross-border eCommerce growth, featuring our CEO Nirav Patel.

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17th May, 133 Houndsditch, London


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Harnessing the Challenge of Global B2B Payments

Our CEO Nirav Patel was invited to share his thoughts on the B2B Payments sphere and the ever-growing Embedded Finance world.

He will also be delivering a keynote opening speech as part of the inauguration of this year's ePay Summit.

He shared some of these thoughts in a recent interview: "It’s a difficult time for so many businesses, coming off the back of a pandemic into a recession. Rising costs, managing cashflow, customer retention, and finding the most successful way to scale – are all huge challenges.

Payments can play a role in addressing all these challenges. Using the most efficient payment rails can help control costs and increase the speed of settlement, which can support better cashflow. Access to a wide range of payment methods and currencies from your business current account can also support growth by opening up cross-border opportunities."

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Visit Andaria's booth at ePay Summit to talk about.....

The convenient payment solutions and essential range of features and benefits Andaria can offer including:

API Integration

Dedicated IBANS

Multi-currency accounts and payments

Bulk Payments

Transaction reports & revenue reconciliation

Enhanced KYC verification

Configurable admin/user levels

Multiple sub account setup

AML Checks by our screening & transaction monitoring solutions

Customer support and dedicated relationship manager

Email notification and customer support messaging system

24/7 access to internet banking including 2FA security


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Shaping the future of eCommerce Payments

About ePay Summit

The ePay Summit is an annual event that brings together experts and professionals in the payment industry to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the sector.

The event features keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, and covers topics such as digital payments, mobile payments, e-commerce, and regulation. Attendees include executives from payment providers, financial institutions, merchants, and technology companies, as well as policymakers and regulators.

The goal of the ePay Summit is to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders in the payment industry, and to drive innovation and growth in the sector.

Summary of al Andaria services with regards to their payment accounts both in EU and UK