Driving growth in iGaming companies through Payment Partners

iGaming platform providers, operators and suppliers have their hands full keeping up with the high expectations of their customers. So, it’s understandable that managing an efficient payments strategy can often take a back-seat.

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The unfortunate truth is that even getting basic payments functionality in place can be a difficult challenge for gaming companies. The digital-first and fast-moving nature of the gaming industry can make it inherently high-risk, something that can raise too many question marks with traditional banks. This is one of the reasons why many gaming and digital goods companies find it challenging to simple open an operational payments account in the first place – with many legacy banking providers either unable or unwilling to provide the digital payments capabilities that are essential for these companies.

For those companies who do secure an account, it can be restrictive to add new functionality and international payments in particular can incur high fees. Managing multiple affiliates and payments can be time-consuming and complex through traditional accounts and These are just some of the unnecessary struggles that the iGaming industry faces on a daily basis – and they can threaten the success of these businesses, who need stability and agility of systems to survive.

At Andaria we champion the three essential pillars to a strong payment strategy. These are the basic benefits that any good payments partner should be able to deliver:

  1. Cost control: by having a wide range of payment routes and options available, gaming companies can optimise their payments costs and use the fastest available payment rails to support better cash flow.
  2. Support for expansion into new markets: The iGaming world is borderless, so making and accepting international payments at a reasonable cost and speed is vital. Having global payments capabilities can also potentially open up new client and supplier relationships. Cost-effective currency services and multicurrency accounts are a must.
  3. Optimisation of payment processes: payments are vital, but they shouldn’t take up too much of your time or resources. The ability to easily manage your payments, set up multiple IBANs and utilise automation, bulk payments and templates can help save time, reduce manual work and simplify processes.

Many of the team at Andaria have been in or around the iGaming sector for a number of years, so we fully appreciate the pain points our colleagues are experiencing in today’s market. We have built a team, platform and offering that revolves around the need for a payments provider that truly understands the space.

Trusted household names in the iGaming sector have already signed up with Andaria, benefiting from a dedicated team of industry experts and a multi-faceted payments platform providing dedicated IBANS and a wide range of payment rails to handle all sorts of payments to and from third parties. We can provide with as many IBANs and accounts as you need to support your growing network and geographical footprint. Our multicurrency payment accounts can also handle 20 currencies and transfer worldwide to 190+ countries, across payment rails including SEPA, SWIFT, CHAPS and more.

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